Both Sides Artworks

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5469 SEN VIET 36.png

Vietnamese Lotus 36

Product code: XQ.5469

Size: 40 x 45cm

Price: 16.522.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5492 CHIEU HO THU 22.png

Evening Autumn Lake 22

Product code: XQ.5492

Size: 60 x 105cm

Price: 148.654.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5467 HUONG SEN 54.png

Lotus Scent 54

Product code: XQ.5467

Size: 75 x 90cm

Price: 139.755.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5468 HUONG SEN 58.png

Lotus Scent 58

Product code: XQ.5468

Size: 70 x 105cm

Price: 157.542.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5357 B0_REM_CA-SEN.png

Curtain set of Fishes & Lotuses

Product code: XQ.5357

Size: 65 x 175cm

Price: 2.134.440.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5355 Nhịp sống QH 12.png

Life of homeland 12

Product code: XQ.5355

Size: 30 x 40cm

Price: 19.569.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5342 NHIP SONG QH II.png

Life of homeland 2

Product code: XQ.5342

Size: 30 x 40cm

Price: 22.363.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5338 HOA MAU DON 3.png

Peonies 3

Product code: XQ.5338

Size: 40 x 55cm

Price: 50.314.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5336 DIEU VU MUA XUAN 2.png

Dance of Spring II

Product code: XQ.5336

Size: 40 x 50cm

Price: 23.771.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/4356 Chiều hồ thu 5L.png

Evening Autumn Lake 5L

Product code: XQ.4356

Size: 65 x 75cm

Price: 89.441.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/4355 Chiều hồ thu 8L (2).png

Evening Autumn Lake 8L

Product code: XQ.4355

Size: 60 x 90cm

Price: 83.853.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/4352 Hương sen 16N(1).png

Lotus scent 16N (both sides)

Product code: XQ.4352

Size: 45 x 55cm

Price: 33.539.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/4406 - Binh co so 21 (2M).png

The antique pot 21

Product code: XQ.4406

Size: 40 x 50cm

Price: 33.539.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/4419 - Binh co so 10 (2M).png

The vase of Le Trung Hung Dynasty 10

Product code: XQ.4419

Size: 45 x 55cm

Price: 60.980.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/4418 binh co 13(2m).png

The antique pot 13 (both sides)

Product code: XQ.4418

Size: 40 x 40cm

Price: 33.539.000VNĐ

upload/images/Bình Cổ - Tĩnh Vật/4427 - Binh co so 30 (Hai mat don).jpg

The antique pot 30 (pop up 2 sides)

Product code: XQ.4427

Size: 40 x 40cm

Price: 153.736.000VNĐ