Both Sides Artworks

upload/images/5256 HOA MAU DON 6 copy.png

Appreciation the Moon

Product code: XQ.0498

Size: 0,9 x 1,4m

Price: 106.730.000VNĐ

upload/images/Sen viet 47.jpg

Vietnamese lotus 47 (double sides embriodered)

Product code: XQ.6138

Size: 55 x 75 cm

Price: 19.063.000VNĐ

upload/images/6225 Que huong toi 32.jpg

My homeland 32

Product code: XQ.6225

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Price: 40.656.000VNĐ

upload/images/2971 BO REM TRUC XANH.png

The Green Bamboo set (both sides)

Product code: XQ.2971

Size: 40 x 110cm/bức (piece)

Price: 701.316.000VNĐ

upload/images/6185 Que huong toi 33.JPG

My homeland 33

Product code: XQ.6185

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Price: 38.115.000VNĐ

upload/images/6187 Que huong toi 27.jpg

My homeland 27

Product code: XQ.6187

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Price: 41.932.000VNĐ

upload/images/6188 Que huong toi 16.JPG

My homeland 16

Product code: XQ.6188

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Price: 30.492.000VNĐ

upload/images/6184 Que huong toi 8.jpg

My homeland 8

Product code: XQ.6184

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Price: 38.115.000VNĐ

upload/files/6186 Ven song 4.png

Riverside 4

Product code: XQ.6186

Size: 35 x 60 cm

Price: 121.968.000VNĐ

upload/images/3200 rem sen hong - 40x110 16_000.png

Pink Lotus set

Product code: XQ.3200

Size: 40 x 110cm/bức

Price: 487.870.000VNĐ

upload/images/4008 ben song trang III-4008.png

Wharf of the moon III

Product code: XQ.4008

Size: 35 x 45 cm

Price: 6.996.000VNĐ

upload/images/4015 buom dem 1-khuc vo thanh - 4015.png

Sound of Silence

Product code: XQ.4015

Size: 50 x 70cm

Price: 41.932.000VNĐ

upload/images/4297 Bộ rèm sen IL(1).png

Lotus Set I L

Product code: XQ.4297

Size: 50 x 150cm/bức

Price: 2.134.440.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/4016 buom dem 2-khoe sac 2 - 4016.png

Blossom Beauties 2

Product code: XQ.4016

Size: 50 x 70cm

Price: 41.932.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5372 HOA COCONICO 1.png

Poppies 1 N

Product code: XQ.5372

Size: 60 x 70cm

Price: 114.345.000VNĐ

upload/images/Tranh 2 mặt/5461 CHIEU HO THU 21.png

Autumn by the Lake 21

Product code: XQ.5461

Size: 75 x 130cm

Price: 279.510.000VNĐ