The Antique Jar 2

The Antique Jar 2

Product code: XQ.0129

Size: 35 x 45cm

Price: 10.160.000VNĐ

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upload/images/Bao cai Da Lat s.jpg

Dalat Cabbage

Product code: XQ.3575

Size: 18 x 20cm

Price: 1.440.000VNĐ

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Ancient Jar of Mac Dynasty (35N)

Product code: XQ.4929

Size: 40 x 45cm

Price: 13.990.000VNĐ

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Still life III

Product code: XQ.4223

Size: 85 x 105cm

Price: 86.390.000VNĐ

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The antique jar 7

Product code: XQ.3162

Size: 50 x 50cm

Price: 10.160.000VNĐ

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Antique Pot 5

Product code: XQ.3160

Size: 50 x 50cm

Price: 10.160.000VNĐ

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Elephant Ancient Pot 8

Product code: XQ.3163

Size: 50 x 50cm

Price: 10.160.000VNĐ

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The vase of Le Trung Hung Dynasty (10)

Product code: XQ.3227

Size: 50 x 70cm

Price: 19.070.000VNĐ

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Lidded wine bottle of Nguyen Dynasty (9)

Product code: XQ.3226

Size: 45 x 55cm

Price: 20.328.000VNĐ